“…a group of non-professionals may well have turned in the best tribute performance yet.” –Slate

The result was a pretty epic salute to the U.K.-born musician, who left an indelible mark on the lives of people around the world.” -CBC News

“Od soprana do prosečnih ljudi i dece - oni su se potrudili da besmrtnu pesmu lansiraju u kolektivnu orbitu. Sa toliko mnogo muzike u slušalicala i ličnim plejlistama, lepo je čuti nešto ovako.” -MTV Serbia

When we got the news that David Bowie had died on January 10th, we felt it hard, like the rest of the world. In lightning speed, we organized a huge tribute in the Art Gallery of Ontario's Walker Court and had a breathtaking evening. And then the video of 550 people singing Space Oddity went viral.

Here are some incredible photos from the AGO that night:
(Photo Credit — Joseph Fuda)

We even reached a friend who is far away: