PRESS: Still not sure what we do? Here's Nobu, Daveed, and Andrea McGavin, talking about C!C!C! on JAZZ FM.

Have you ever spent time in a choir? Many of us have, at school or as part of our religious or social community. But there aren’t many choirs that can make somebody remember their parts 20 years later. But listen to Nobu Adilman, leader of Choir Choir Choir...

hat he’s referring to is Choir! Choir! Choir!, a weekly event he began with his co-founder Daveed Goldman in 2011. The guys planned it originally as a one-off – they had no idea how this thing was going to go. But it took off – now it happens twice a week, and it’s packed. And it’s become something of a phenomenon, its videos of the masses singing popular songs watched internationally, and the choir having chances to sing alongside people like punk poet pioneer Patti Smith and Canadian indie rock darlings Tegan and Sara or perform at events like the TEDx conference or the closing of TIFF at Roy Thomson Hall. Watch them sing an emotive backup to Smith’s Because the Night during her powerful performance at the AGO – Patti was visibly touched by Choir!’s contribution.

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