PRESS: Canadian Living – Choir! Choir! Choir! on the benefits of singing

"Originally conceived as a "happening" to be entitled "Mr. Nobu and His Choir of 1,000 Voices," C!C!C! is a happy accident of Canada's fractured but unbroken social scene, with roots as far as Halifax. "It was something you talk about and never do," says Nobu Adilman, the man who conceived the operation. 

It was 2009. There was a surprise party for a musician friend of a friend, and Nobu was tasked with arranging the music. Rather than hiring a DJ or live band, Nobu assembled a choir. Thirteen people and a guitarist performed "Magic" by '70s Scottish pop band Pilot. "We stumbled through a practice and it was super fun," says Nobu. Everyone at the party agreed: This was something to pursue. Nothing happened. Years passed. Then, in 2011, Nobu got the nudge he needed when he bumped into the guitarist who played that night, Daveed Goldman. "When are we going to do that choir thing again?" Daveed asked.

Nobu posed the question on Facebook and received 30 responses. Nobu and Daveed borrowed office space from a member on Feb. 4, 2011. "It was one of those ideas that landed at the right moment," says Nobu, "and we haven't stopped."..."

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