PAST PERFORMANCE: Choir! Choir! Choir! at TedX

At TEDx Toronto we learned just how much can be accomplished within a six minute window. Along with our talented crew, more than 1000 attendees got on their feet and sang along with us in Koerner Hall.

Daveed & Nobu, the founders of choir! choir! choir!, were thrilled to have been invited to present at TEDx Toronto in October, 2014.

"Choir!Choir!Choir! is a no-commitment choir based in Toronto, co-founded by Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman in 2011. Meeting twice weekly in downtown bars, it has quickly become a citywide phenomenon. Bryan Adams has tweeted his praise; they’ve sung with Patti Smith at the Art Gallery of Ontario; and most recently rocked the Juno Awards with Tegan & Sara on Closer, the group’s Single of the Year. To date, they have recorded over 250 awesome songs that include Bruce Springsteen, Haim, The Smiths, Big Star, Daft Punk, and so much more."

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